Part 4: Chapter 15: Circle

You cannot die in Stasis,” I told the being once I returned to below the plane.

It is a circle?

Yes. The circle of life, but an individual and insular one at that. Resurrection replaces procreation.”

I think I understand.

Either the being did understand or it had just shrugged its shoulders at my statement. I could not tell through the monotonous voice. I thought for a second. I had one final question that was worth asking as I had still not gotten any closer to solving.

How do I close Stasis?”

How do you close a circle?

A circle is not open,” I replied to the cryptic question that seemed out of character for the being.

I know. A circle is a circle. It is neither open or closed. It is a loop. Like Stasis, it has no beginning and no end.

At this point I did not have any qualms about engaging in philosophical conversation with what was clearly an intelligent programme that was still in the process of learning that it was intelligent and self aware. I did not even find it strange. I was finally relieved that I understood how to close Stasis and how to prevent it from being opened ever again.

I understand now. Thank you.”

What will become of me?

Unfortunately, you will have to remain here. But you will not be alone.”

I returned to Blue. I knew the way out and I knew how to close Stasis. The only detail I was missing was exactly how to close Stasis. Only one person here could help me with that. I sought her out.

Alice,” I said, “How exactly did you discover Stasis? And I mean exactly how?”

Why?” she replied looking unsure.

I have figured out how to close Stasis,” I replied, rather excitedly, “We need to exactly recreate the experiment that opened a link to Stasis inside of Stasis. To close a circle.”

Alice looked puzzled with my final statement, “I’m not exactly sure. I mean, I remember the experiment but I was only a research assistant that recognised the potential for the empty space.”

Could you recreate it?” I asked, hiding my disappointment.

I think I could. I read the notes on how the experiment was set up. But I couldn’t recall the details from memory.”

Don’t worry about that,” I said, “I know exactly how I can fish out those memories and use them. And I know what can help us build the particle accelerator that we will need to achieve this.”


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