Part 3: Chapter 16: Dissent

As I waited for the event that Eric had instructed me by proxy to look out for, I received the first news from the resistance about dissent. The reports said that there were rumours that a man had been dragged away screaming about why an unnamed he brought everyone here.

I could only guess that this was Eric and he was referring to Patrick. The reports were suggesting that many people in Eastern areas that had not taken too well to their new lives were beginning to sabotage the military operations that Patrick and his associates had put in place.

A resistance that you did not have to worry about sending instructions to through a cloak and dagger network that was doing exactly what you would have done was very useful indeed. Eric had done one of the things that I had expected him to do and it had had the desired effect.

I was confident that even though Eric would be in Patrick’s clutches by now being subjected to God knows what, that it was only a matter of hours before the Stasis changing event would be occurring.

I anticipated the imminent change that this would bring and sent messages to all zonal commanders to be prepared for enemy encroachments in the coming days. I took a risk that whatever Eric was about to do was going to be huge and cause considerable damage to Patrick’s efforts and only left reserve forces in the West. All resistance cells were ordered to the North and South, whilst the majority of the civilians protection forces were distributed across the Eastern front. It was a risk worth taking as the army inside Blue now numbered 8,000 after a huge surge in recruitment the last few days. Although many of these were still receiving basic training, they would have completed it before any enemy forces got through the resistance network.

All zonal commanders had reported back to confirm that the orders were received and understood and had been put into action.

Then it happened.

Exactly as I had expected.

The walls came crashing down.

Stasis was one big integrated network with no zones. No more crossover points.

Stasis was free again but so very exposed.

Panic ensued and zonal commanders were contacting me asking for further instruction. Making sure that I had not been compromised. I assured them that this was part of the plan.

As instructed, I contacted Eric.

Then all fucking hell broke loose.


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