Part 4: Chapter 21: 10 Minutes

Ten minutes. That was all the time in the world yet none at all. It would be the final ten minutes that I would ever spend in Stasis. With the clock ticking down to the zero-point and the closing of the Stasis for good, I once again went into the collective with the Tech team. EricToo and Three joined us. I took primary control of the collective.

The mass transition must happen at a fraction of a second before the zero-point. There must be no room for anyone to make a transition back. Specifically, Patrick.

How do we do this?

We will punch a hole through the horizontal plane, expanding it to the limits of Stasis. And then we will collapse that hole to take every single energy signature that belongs to a human back through the periphery of Stasis in one big singularity. EricToo and Three will create a link from the network to the periphery that will take every single person back to the place from where they were at the time of Stasis. They will also return in the exact same state as they left in. No illnesses cured, no improvements to the body and certainly no bionic properties. The stasis of humanity must be retained. No one must know the benefits that Stasis is capable of otherwise we will destroy ourselves trying to find a way back.

Stasis must be seen for exactly what it was. An anomaly. Something we should never have found. Something that we should never have entered. Something that should be left alone for the rest of time.

It was time to start the process. EricToo and Three created the link between the network and the periphery, diverting the data-flow I drifted in and out of the collective to check on the progress of the experiment. Alice was closely monitoring it and acknowledged that it was going to plan.

There was a minute left.

I checked with the Tech team to make sure they were ready. It was a go. The expand and collapse process would take under five seconds. The conversion of every human at the periphery would be practically instantaneous now that the data was all there. It was a supercomputer capable of making trillions of computations a second.

Seven seconds.

We punched the hole through the horizontal plane and expanded it to the edge of Stasis. Everything collapsed. The perception of gravity disappeared and everything was in free fall.

Four seconds.

The hole had expanded to the edge of Stasis. It hit a collect code to recognise everything that was human and started to collapse in on itself.

One second.

We left Stasis.


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