Part 4: Chapter 19: Collective

Alice, this is going to feel strange,” I said as the Tech team and I prepared to hook her up to the collective mind, “You’ll feel a rush of thoughts in and out of your mind. You will feel strange sensations and then you will need to relax. Let us into your mind, don’t fight us. The detail of the experiment is somewhere deep within the memory of it.

Are you ready?”

She composed herself for a few moments before resigning herself to the collective. Our thoughts rushed in and we gorged on her thoughts and memories as they rushed in and out of her. We sorted and processed, rearranging her memories like the first transition back from Stasis had rearranged mine.

We turned her life inside out and upside down seeking for the specific memory. Personal memories were separated from research related memories. We did not explore the personal side, but drilled down deeper within the research side. Ph.D., papers written. Cross references. There.

Patrick’s name. Three experiments with him that involved a particle accelerator. I singled her out in the collective to allow her to speak for herself.

Which experiment opened Stasis? You did three with Patrick, we asked.

It was the final one. The Zero-point energy experiment.

We fished further into the detail. The experiment appeared to follow what I would expect of Patrick. He was attempting to smash two particles together at an infinitesimal point in time where a tiny pocket inside the accelerator had reached absolute zero. And for that tiny moment in time, absolute zero had been achieved, entropy had ceased and a gateway between reality and Stasis had been opened.

Everything was listed in fine detail. All we had to do now was to replicate these. Mimic them as best we could. It was not going to be scientific in the slightest. This was a rush job but the conditions of Stasis allowed it.


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