Part 2: Chapter 7: Answers v3

Over the next few days, I played the role of the teacher of Stasis to the four of them. They were eager pupils, and though their single transition into Stasis rendered them incapable of the same level of thought processes that I was capable of they were quick learners.

After five days of intense lessons, they were able to fashion bodies for themselves, manipulate and code nodal energy into defined structures that held form. Most of all, they were able to undertake simple coding tasks such as flashing lights. I determined that they would need a transition out of Stasis before I could take them to the next level by teaching them how to build items with moving parts.

I’d held up my side of the bargain, now it was time to ask the questions that needed answers. Though Michael had apparently taken the position of their leader, I directed my questions to all of them after I had briefed them as to what Patrick and the CSNCD had previously told me about Stasis.

So, who is Professor Patrick Nelson?”

It was Cara that spoke first.

From what I’ve heard, he was the man that created or discovered Stasis. No one is sure whether it existed before or whether it was a by product of research he was undertaking.”

He’s a military scientist,” continued Emile, “Occasionally works for the UK and US military on advanced weaponry. A few months after Stasis was discovered, one of his top research assistants disappeared without trace along with much of the research into creating the link device. At the time, the implications were not really apparent.

It was when you went into Stasis that Patrick began to notice changes in Stasis. Over the years he then worked to build a stable link. When he finally mastered it in 2009, he waited for you to come out of Stasis and entered himself. He saw what you had created and what he became when he exited and wanted it for himself.

That’s when he started calling all his contacts – military, business, pharmaceutical – whoever. The major pharmaceutical companies wanted him to selectively control who entered Stasis to sustain their business interests and profit margins. His business links would sell Stasis entry to those that could afford it, for those that were willing to pay big bucks to prolong their lives. And the military obviously wanted to investigate the possibilities of super-soldiers”

As Emile would not have been aware of my abilities, I explained to him what had happened in Stockholm.

Patrick never received those powers, so I guess the multiple transitions are what caused it for you.”

You seem to know a lot about him,” I said, “How?”

I was his personal assistant and bodyguard for five years. Along with all his contacts, he had built up an unenviable portfolio of enemies. Not to mention plenty of suitors for his skills.”

I mused over what Emile was telling me. I already knew that Patrick was well connected and this just confirmed my suspicions beyond that.

What do you know about the CSNCD?” I asked.

A very well protected outfit,” replied Jennifer, “They were set up by Patrick’s former research assistant, Alice Johnson. I was investigating them for Patrick, but information was exceedingly difficult to come by. They had a few links with organised crime early on, but hired private security firms after that.”

These were my so-called ‘agents of Stasis’. I laughed to myself at my naivety. The CSNCD were merely protecting their greatest asset from falling into the wrong hands.

They also had links in central Government that had no dealings with the military. More to do with education and social diversity. They are essentially a legitimate charity that was set up to hide their involvement with Stasis. My personal opinion is that they took you to test the powers of Stasis on you and to ultimately see what you could do with it.

And though, as Emile said, Patrick was not aware of the powers at first, I’m sure that in time in would have dedicated more time to Stasis and how it could line his pockets further. The actions of the CSNCD just acted as a catalyst to his intentions.

As for the CSNCD, they needed someone they could control and manipulate who would then become someone who acted as their link between Stasis and the real world. I honestly think that they have no nefarious intentions and that Alice knew how low Patrick could sink. I’m assuming that her intention was for you to become to spanner in the works. Something I think that you have become.

Having hacked into their data several times, it’s clear that you are their only link and that those are their only premises. They don’t have any R&D and certainly are not capable of turning Stasis into one big alternative and controlled social network.”

Alana? Was she in on this from the start?”

No. Patrick instructed me to find a way to bring you in, so during my investigations I found that they had hired people to do some voice acting in 2003. It was a gamble, but I thought that perhaps Alice and her colleagues would want to remain anonymous. Alana explained to me what they asked her to say and I put two and two together. Of course, Patrick sent us into Stasis to come out with you. Alana would have been there as a calming factor for you, but I’m guessing that she was anyway.

She has no idea what she is involved with. She’s just a struggling actress that will take any money that is flashed in front of her face.”

The whole situation was starting to have an air of clarity about it now. Patrick wanted Stasis for himself and Alice and the CSNCD wanted to stop Patrick from controlling it and were seemingly against the whole principle in general. That left me with one further puzzle in this whole conundrum.

So, Patrick wants to control it. The CSNCD want to stop Patrick. Patrick thinks the CSNCD want to turn Stasis into a social network. This is where it gets messy and there’s about 200 people in standard Stasis time that have got caught up in this.

There’s a third player in all of this. There has to be. Neither Patrick or the CSNCD want 200 innocents in here, for different reasons. On one hand, that’s 200 people that know the benefits of Stasis who come out restructured and improved who tell their friends. It gets out of control and people want a part of it. Soon you’ve created a social network just through word of mouth. Then you tap into that social network and start taking more people into Stasis and controlling their interactions through the use of these nodes. “Patrick knew about these, but he didn’t create them. Neither did Alice. But Patrick thought Alice did. I never told the CSNCD about my experiences in Stasis, about how I created everything based on the nodal structure. They’ve been blinded and manipulated in all this too. I’ve just made Stasis into the ultimate alternative living experience and a social engineers wet dream.”

I wanted to tear everything down right now, but I could not. There was no time. I had to act fast. The 200 that had been unknowingly brought into Stasis could not be allowed to leave just yet. Not only would 200 returning after nearly a year since they disappeared cause such a media storm, but what they had to say would do far more damage and play right into the hands of whoever this third party was.

If I survived my exit from Stasis, I had to track down Alice Johnson and anyone connected with her. They were my only allies outside of Stasis.

Eric, we’re all with you on this,” said Michael, “What Patrick has gotten us into is too far against what we believe in, if I may speak for the others too.” The other three nodded in agreement.

You can trust me too,” added Emile, “I’ve worked with him the longest and I can understand why you would think that I might remain loyal, but, well, I was never loyal. He just paid me well enough. I hate the guy. Always have.”

I believed that I could trust them. None of them really had anything positive to report about Patrick. Michael and Cara were only recently brought into his employment as ‘hired muscle’. The five of us would make a good team outside of Stasis and Jennifer’s investigative skills should make tracking down Alice very easy. Back inside Stasis, should when the need to fight arose, I had four people that I’d trained how to manipulate and code energy who would only become better at it once they made a transition back with their improved brains.

I explained to them what my plans were for the impending transition. With their help, I believed that my plan should work. They could make independent transitions once I removed the denial code. If I was to give them the key to the denial code and then code their energy signatures with the header I was going to apply to myself, then the link should be confused before my automated transition.

I smiled, “I think you guys have just given me the final key that I require to make independent transitions.”



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