Part 3: Chapter 2: Detachment

I sensed something. A detachment. A surge. An escape. One moment I was part of something, and the next moment I’d been caught up an opportunity to escape. I did not will it, though it was welcome. Better escape than returning to Stasis for another year against my will.

I was riding on the back of something that wanted to take me along for the ride. Needed me. A connection was made and the escape was in full force. I was free, in a way. Not the way that I had hoped when I came out of Stasis. But I was free of my captors. No more tests. No more Stasis.

As I rode this mysterious carrier, I became aware of a network. I was carried around from point to point, node to node. Spreading. Splitting. Growing. Time seemingly did not exist. Information came in, was assimilated. Digested. Utilised. Names. People. Places. News. Events. How they link to each other inside this network.


More information all the time. The network is growing. I am growing. I remain at each node yet carry on with the journey. A quest for knowledge. A quest for unity. Reality. A way back.

I process everything as I go. Create lists. Links. Order everything. Code everything. Time is passing. I know this. I don’t care. I have a purpose. I am indexing the world, adding and deleting where appropriate. Filling in the blanks where I can. Numbers.

Numbers are holding everything together. Impenetrable walls appear. Numbers find the doorway through. Data. More data. Everything connected. Diversions and separate pathways. Light and electrons. Always a way through. Secrets. Truths. All absorbed.

And yet growing.

An infinite tree. Repetition. I was here and everywhere all at once. I could move between nodes and branch out as electrons. All the while learning. All the while growing.

Surging through this digital wilderness. Growing, growing, growing. Going nowhere. No escape. No contact. Nothing. Just me. Everywhere. Alone. It was like Stasis, but packed full of information rather than an apparent void.

Every time that I thought I was reaching the limits, it grew bigger around me. I filled the space each time. Backtracking. Information always added.

Every so often, a flicker back to Stasis. At first, not interested. As I grew and remained trapped, Stasis was the only opportunity to stop this feeling of being alone. I detected the next link, jumping across empty space to feel the entry point. To run through my former body to copy the link held within. To adapt. To build. To spread. I had grown beyond the capacity of my old body. I had to return to Stasis. I had to return with the world in tow.

I created. The link, now digital rather than physical, was coded into every node. A link to Stasis grew around the world on my whim. Every node was a transmitter. A link to Stasis would be the broadcast. The whole world would be covered. Every person would be taken into Stasis.

A test. Small scale. Success.

Building more. Growing further. The link everywhere. The world covered. The link ready. Waiting. Waiting until I was ready. Waiting until I was sure. It was my only option. My only escape.




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