Part 4: Chapter 17: Reunion

I took EricToo to meet his former captor.

I am sorry. I did not understand what I was doing. Please call me Three.

It is okay. I forgive you.”

Thank you.

Okay, the reunion is over,” I said, “Now, let’s have a reunion! I need to ask you both to merge once again. EricToo, you will this time hold Three inside of you. As part of you. Three, you will still have independence and will retain your connection with Stasis.

However, EricToo needs the knowledge that you are linked to.”

What knowledge?

I know that you are the network. You are the information and you have been very liberal with providing it as we are unable to tap into it. Our last conversation made me realise this.”

You are right. I cannot deny it.

What do you want us to do if I agree to it?” asked EricToo.

You two are going to close Stasis by replicating the experiment that created it. You are going to build a particle accelerator and smash some energy up.”

They needed no more convincing. EricToo accepted the presence of Three into his form, a network of invisible links spiralling out from behind him. The link the network had been retained.

Now to meet a familiar face,” I said as we rose above the horizontal plane.



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