Part 2: Chapter 5: Plan

My exit point was predetermined by the link of my programming. And this link was only active when I made a transition. It was a huge problem. It was unlike the shift in time problem that I had solved. It was unlike the denial code I’d left as I’d exited Stasis. The problem here was simply that I did not have access to the hard coding whilst in this form.

Shifting the link position in my body was going to take all my concentration at transition. I was confident that I could do that, but I rated my chances of surviving a minute very low given the multiple factions now involved.

As my thoughts bounced around, the complexity of my task was becoming rather severe. With every small idea that was stymied the only solution that settled inside me was simply enormous. I had to shift Stasis. All of it. Including the periphery. Or at least made the hard coding think that I had.

I could not know whether this would actually have any bearing on the outside world and my pre-defined exit point. I was simply attempting a ruse to confuse the hard code in the link. As transition hit, I would place the confused locational data ahead of me. The link would then hold me until it thought I had reached the location that it was programmed with. It would also give me the necessary time leave my DNA trace and move the link within my body. There was a slim possibility that whilst the link was stumbling over my trick that I might be able to crash it and attempt an on the fly reprogramming.

Apart from the worst case scenario of nothing working at all, the next worst case scenario would be that it would delay my transition to such an extent that those waiting for me on the other side would think that I had been destroyed inside Stasis somehow. A delay of twenty minutes in Stasis would be a delay of five days out there. A delay of an hour would be far more suitable for me in this case.

I started coding my magnum opus. It was going to occupy all of my time for the rest of the year. I had to push all thoughts of shifting to fast time to comfort those taken at the same time as my transition. I could not help them until I had a link that worked the way I wanted it to. I also held off the urge to negotiate with the four presences. If I could finish everything I needed to in the next 345 days, then I would have an hour at the very end to reason with them and offer them a way out. This is if they were indeed presences of human origins and not artificial constructs of some sort.

I put all these thoughts to one side and I began my arduous task reminding myself to make sure that I recorded all the overtime I was putting in.


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