Part 4: Chapter 13: Node

I had been transported in an instant to another node, something which I had been yearning to do since the mass transition took place.

How did you do that?”

I can integrate you inside me temporarily and move you to another part of me.

Why can we no longer transport instantaneously?”

The network would collapse if you could. I stopped that ability.

I saw sense in this. If nearly seven billion people could instantly travel anywhere it would destroy the perception of an alternate reality instantly. Stasis had to come across as real.

Where is the stored energy?”

Inside the node.

I need to see it.”

You will have to enter the node above the plane.

How do I do that? I learnt how to travel from node to node, but that was as part of a network. Nodes are tiny.”

Yes. But you can expand the node.

Expand the node? How?”

You broke through the plane by expanding it.

It had been staring me in the face yet I still needed the being to spell it out to me. I followed the same process. I attempted to shift energy directly into the heart of the tiny node. I then drew out the hole that I had punched into the node and created myself a pocket large enough to climb inside. Only then could I see the inner workings of a node.

It was intricate. The node drew only the pertinent information from the data-flow below it. Information relevant to that zone was drawn in and processed. Although the barriers had been dragged down, energy signatures were still assigned a home node. Those signatures flowed through the node and were checked off against those stored there. It was still apparently going through the process of allowing and denying access based on the flow of people around Stasis. Not only was the data-flow a wealth of information, it was a GPS system for everyone inside Stasis.

I explored around the expanded inner workings of this node for any human signature that did not have anything comparative in the data-flow Data flowed in, data flowed out. I was checking and comparing for every person within this zone. I memorised the signatures that I had checked off as active and bit by bit each one was being greyed out.

After an hour, I had twenty that had nothing assigned to them. Nothing had changed for these ones. I checked them and they were unmistakably human, but with one fundamental difference. They had no charge. They were neutral. They were essentially dead in this current state.

They needed jump-starting back to life and this is one thing that I knew there and then that I could do. It was one of the basics of energy manipulation and one of the first things that I had learnt how to do. All I had to do was assign them a positive charge and they would be ‘alive’ again.

Sure enough, the charge assigned, a copy of their signature detached itself and started flowing through the network. They were alive again. I did not need to track them down to confirm this. Charge was life in Stasis.

I returned to below the plane not quite with the meaning of life but with an explanation that would help the being understand life, death, endings and beginnings in more context with Stasis.


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