Part 1: Chapter 9: Hijack

Stockholm in 24 hours. That was when I would hijack Stasis and willingly enter it for the first time.

The first thing that you will need to do when you return to Stasis is recode yourself so that the link is no longer inside of you. The link is still critical to your transition back though, so it must not be completely detached. Code it into a place that is easier to access for when you’re back in human form.”

Which simply meant that I would have to go under the knife.

You will also have to ensure that your DNA is firmly coded into Stasis so that you are not eradicated if we fail to stop the roll-out of the direct link.”

How will I achieve this?”

You will need to code yourself into Stasis and also leave a residual code on the edge of Stasis. It must be hidden and locked in so that it cannot be removed.

Once this is done and you have the link removed, it can be reprogrammed to allow independent transitions.”

It all sounded so rigidly planned and yet was explained to me as if it would be the simplest of tasks to perform. I had tried but failed to re-engineer myself on previous occasions. The process was fundamentally different from giving myself a bodily form in Stasis as I was merely changing the energy signature in that process and had absolutely no bearing on how I returned. I knew that bodily re-engineering was possible given the way that Stasis had changed my body during the first time I was there. The problem that I had not yet been able to overcome was the fact that Stasis and the link inside me saw the most efficient form of the real world me as having the link and my body being one.

I had yet to tap into the area of Stasis that changed this. I had not even determined the location. Patrick had given me an idea as to where it might be though. It could only be on the periphery of Stasis. That part which was neither Stasis nor reality. This was where I had to leave my DNA signature, but it was also where I had re-engineer myself. Timing would be the only factor at play here. I had to know exactly when the link would remove me from Stasis down to an infinitesimally small fraction of a second.


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