Part 4: Chapter 10: Acceptance

I had been waiting for quite some time for Eric to bring up the subject of only one of us being able to return to reality. I had not been relishing it but was glad that when it came it was only a brief conversation that did not descend into mortality and morality. I had accepted that my existence would be brief and that the sole purpose in my short life was to help destroy this abhorrent realm.

I knew that I should not really exist and knew that it would be fitting that my existence should end at the same time as the realm that made my existence possible. I had come to terms with this.

For now, it was back to the war.

Two days later, the terraforming was complete on the Eastern front and was arching round nicely to the North and South. I was receiving constant updates from the occupied zone about the state of the enemy forces. As before, I knew that the viral rocket could not be used again as a weapon. I had received word that the spread of the mutation virus had been halted and via an immunity patch which was also being dished out to the residents. They had yet to cure those infected yet as the mutated code would take long to decipher. They would eventually crack it though.

With such a small team, we were unable to fight back in the same way. We had to innovate to gain advantages whereas they merely had to wear us down with the same weapons with slightly adapted properties. The new enemy forces had taken up camp at the previous front line, possibly fearful that the virus might mutate and negate the cure they would by now have coded onto all their new troops.

I had ordered a full scale innovation programme from the Tech team to focus on mountain combat. I was also concerned about what appeared to be real deaths being inflicted against our forces and morale suffering as a consequence. This was one thing I needed to address. I tracked down Eric and sought advice from him on the matter.

Eric, we need to solve a problem quite urgently before any further fighting,” I said. He acknowledged me so I continued, “Can people really die in Stasis?”

Honestly, I do not know. It does appear that the enemy weapon responsible for what looks to be death decodes the energy and leaves it stripped of anything resembling a human energy signature.

However, matter can neither be created or destroyed. So, in theory, the mass transition changed the state of all human matter into Stasis energy. If they are indeed dead, then I imagine that as their code is still in the network below the horizontal plane that when we destroy Stasis then something will return. Whether their form is stored and they are not really dead and can be restored or whether a body is returned to reality remains to be seen.”

I suddenly realised that there was a huge flaw in the way that we had been thinking.

We cannot destroy Stasis.”

Why?” replied Eric, but I think he already knew and just wanted me to confirm my thinking with an explanation.

Same principle, but change mass to energy. I’m thinking of reality and Stasis to be an integrated closed system and that Stasis was always here. Mass from reality can be converted to energy inside Stasis via the link mechanism and can be converted back.

However, I do not think that generic energy from either state can be converted between the two. The energy that is in Stasis always has been and always will be. I think that something will be returned to compensate for the ‘deaths’, but if we destroy Stasis then the resultant energy will destroy Earth.”


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